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Nineveh or The Whale

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Series: Surround
Josh Canizaro
August 21, 2016

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Nineveh or The Whale

Part 4 of Surround
Josh Canizaro
August 21, 2016
(Jonah 1:1-3 NLT) The lord gave this message to Jonah son of Amittai: “Get up and go to the great city of Nineveh. Announce my judgment against it because I have seen how wicked its people are.” But Jonah got up and went in the opposite direction to get away from the lord. He went down to the port of Joppa, where he found a ship leaving for Tarshish. He bought a ticket and went on board, hoping to escape from the lord by sailing to Tarshish.
Nineveh or The Whale
God’s heart is mercy.
(Jonah 3:5,10 NLT) The people of Nineveh believed God’s message, and from the greatest to the least, they declared a fast and put on burlap to show their sorrow... When God saw what they had done and how they had put a stop to their evil ways, he changed his mind and did not carry out the destruction he had threatened.
(Jonah 4:1-2 NLT) This change of plans greatly upset Jonah, and he became very angry. So he complained to the lord about it: “Didn’t I say before I left home that you would do this, lord? That is why I ran away to Tarshish! I knew that you are a merciful and compassionate God, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. You are eager to turn back from destroying people.
God’s plan is you and me.
(Jonah 4:10-11 NLT) Then the lord said, “You feel sorry about the plant, though you did nothing to put it there. It came quickly and died quickly. But Nineveh has more than 120,000 people living in spiritual darkness, not to mention all the animals. Shouldn’t I feel sorry for such a great city?”
How To Win Our City?
1. Accept personal responsibility.
(Acts 20:26-27 NLT) I declare today that I have been faithful. If anyone suffers eternal death, it’s not my fault, for I didn’t shrink from declaring all that God wants you to know.
2. Start praying for them personally.
(1 Chronicles 4:10 NIV) Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.
3. Build a personal relationship.
(1 Thessalonians 2:8 NIV) We loved you so much, that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.
4. Share your personal story.
(Acts 1:8 NLT) But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
5. Give a personal invitation.
(Luke 14:21-23 NIV) Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.’“ ‘Sir,’ the servant said, ‘what you ordered has been done, but there is still room.’“Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full.
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